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TechDevPillar is the main author of this blog and “Tech Dev Pillar” is the title of this blog. This blog’s main focus is on sharing development solutions by the author.

In his day to day job, TechDevPillar usually focus on web development both frontend and backend. Thus, his daily work face with endless needs to find solutions on the features that he is implementing.

The author hopes to solve difficulties or problems faced by developers/programmers in the same field as him with this blog as a medium. While documenting the solutions, he will also gain more in-depth knowledge instead of just scratching the surface. This also serve as a solutions blog for author to refer to in times of need.

In addition to above, there may also other topic sharing along the way but it won’t be the main focus.

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If you have any question, feedback on any of the articles or pages, you can email the author at [email protected]